Visit Poland and find out unexplored locations!

  • Posted on: 15 November 2018
  • By: addmean
Today, a lot of men and females fantasy of spending a ideal time in a wonderful destination. However, for these individuals Paris or Rome are monotonous locations which are also overrated. Those men and women look for new places which will be exclusive, sometimes crazy and certainly out of standard.
1 of the locations which satisfy the specifications is Poland which is found in the heart of Europe.

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Poland is a fantastic country for everybody, no matter where they live and how old are they. There is every small thing for younger and old.
This article will demonstrate the most important region which provides a lot of attractions for different people – the area is called Malopolska.
Malopolska is placed in west of Poland. It borders straight with the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The main town of the region is Cracow. Malopolski area has plenty to provide – here are situated the highest mountains – the Tatra Mountains with the winter main town of Poland – Zakopane, there are beautiful ponds, places to go snowboarding and what is more significant, there are also great towns which can be seen.

For those reasons, it is worth to plan a stay in the country. Here is an example of three-day trip to poland in Malopolska region.

Day 1
A trip (flight to chicago) to Cracow – Cracow is a city full of excites. It is 1 of the eldest areas in Poland but the todays face of the place is also fascinating, specifically for tourists who used to go to big cities. When it comes to historical aspect of the city, it is worth to visit Wawel palace where are buried nobleman, popular authors and the president of Poland – Lech Kaczynski who passed away in a airplane crash in 2010.

Day two
A day in mountains – it is an excellent concept to visit Zakopane even for one day. In that place it is worth to visit Kasprowy Wierch which is a high mountain. You may take a minibus to go to the cableway which will take you to the top. If you are eager to get more: .

Day 3
tours to poland
Author: Kamil Rejczyk
A day in Niedzica palace – Niedzica is located by the fake lake. Here is located gorgeous castle which is really worth going to.
Malopolska part is a awesome place for each traveller who would like to find undiscovered. Tours to poland provide numerous perspectives